The Team

Founders & Management

The founders are currently self-employed under the company and focus mainly on product development.

Prof. Zvi Ganor, CMO

PhD in Economics & Global Management - Professor of Global Marketing in Paris University, Senior Consultant in France & in Israel, Professor. Emeritus in Marketing.

Josseph Pollak, CEO & Founder

Founded “Mashov” in 78’ which went public as well as “Telecont Comm” developing cellular content used by the IDF to alert population.

Moshe Alon

Moshe Alon, Director & Co- Founder

Over forty years of experience in business and in the technology industry. Entrepreneur, CEO and director of private and public companies in software, communications, services and venture capital. Work experience in England, the United States and Israel.

Yacob Schwartz

Yacob Schwartz, CTO & Co - Founder

Service in "MAMRM" the IDF computer unit, retired as a lieutenant colonel. Senior position at "CLALIT ", the biggest HMO in Isreal and second in the world. In addition, an advisory capacity of the retail, logistics, military systems and medical systems fields.

Together the team brings with it extensive professional experience that contributes to the main necessary aspects of the project.

Advisory Board

Ronnie Jaegermann

Ronnie Jaegermann, Advisory Board Member

Highly experienced Entrepreneur and Investment Banker. Involved in successful fund raising exceeding $350 million in the last 15 years. Raised capital more than 12 times in European stock exchanges. Partner in “Aloni Haft”.

Joseph Pickel

Joseph Pickel, Advisory Board Member

Started EMC operation in Israel. Managed EMC in South Africa, Greece Turkey and Israel. Partner in VC. Member of 100+ Angels Club Investment Committee.