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The network of heritage sites, social and community sites, and business sites from "memorialine"

Memorial sites and heritage

Our expertise in building memorials and heritage sites for the communities enables us to document the story of the members of the community and the story of the community itself, and present the surfer with documents, photos and films accumulated by the community.

Social Initiatives Associations

Our expertise in developing social networking sites, our experience in developing non-profit organizations, helps non-profit organizations acquire knowledge and develop resources.

Business ventures

Business Ventures – We choose to develop business-oriented websites where we as a boutique company can add our added value from the construction of the site to its promotion, marketing and ongoing maintenance.

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We specialize in ...

  • Documentation and commemoration of personal stories
  • Documentation of heritage communities.
  • Management and building nonprofit organizations.
  • Manage Facebook pages and social networks
  • Construction and maintenance of business sites
  • Promotion and marketing on social networks

What our customers say about us

Professionals who have opened up the ability to set up the jewish projects
Hanan Zeiderman
I learned in your right how to run a non-profit organization in terms of technology, how to bring an organization to the forefront.
Mike Naftali
Thanks to our knowledge and professionalism, we have become the world's leading site for the preservation and perpetuation of the Holocaust.
Billy Laniado

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