About us

Memorialine’ is a social network digital platform that preserve and document the legacy of the individual, family, community and institute in a perfect harmony.

Memorialine’ enable and encourage people to perpetuate their life story as well as capturing the present and even set ground for the future all the way to the afterlife. Together with others people can build their family as well as their community network. Institutes can document and share their history and honor their passed away members.  

The platform gives its users advance virtual profile capabilities as well as allowing institutional profiles to have story timelines and memorial web pages in their own websites powered by ‘Memorialine’ (Whitelable).    

OUR vision To enable every person and business to preserve the past, present and future forever  

Memorialine’ is a community networking platform whose goal is to: document and preserve the heritage of the individual, family, institute and organization. ‘Memorialine’s’ competitive advantages are in the fostering of bonds between the individual, the family and the community, by means of a unique and sophisticated engine with index values, titles and concepts that create memorials that can be shared at a global level. 

When it comes to the subject of memory and heritage, ‘Memorialine’s’ networking platform is an effective replacement for all other existing search engines that engage in this subject.

Each person, family, community and institute receives their own website which they manage according to permissions on a pre-prepared template.   It is a rich and dynamic virtual book of life, which is created memory by memory by family and friends for the benefit of generations to come.